As Embers Rise: Neues Musikvideo

Die Metalcore-Band As Embers Rise aus dem schönen Koblenz hat kürzlich ein neues Musikvideo veröffentlicht.
Kurz nach einem Besetzungswechsel an der Gitarre startet die fünfköpfige Band wieder richtig durch und präsentiert euch eine neue Single, die auf den Namen „Awoken“ hört. Ausgefallene Riffs und präzise Breakdowns zeichnen den Song aus. Ihr könnt ihn euch übrigens auch kostenlos auf der Bandcamp-Seite der Band runterladen.
Seit 2012 existiert die Gruppe und neben zahlreichen Auftritten in der Region wurde auch schon eine EP veröffentlicht. Ein Review dazu findet ihr hier.
Das neue Video wurde von „Einfachlinden“ gedreht und bearbeitet. Das überzeugende Ergebnis könnt ihr euch hier ansehen:

Lyrics: Awoke_huge
We always walk among you. With cloaks hiding our faces
we stand up for the weak and those who are lost.
sit down, and listen to our tales,
cause even the smallest spark can ignite a flame.
The first tale, is about a kid,
Who lives his life worthy of a king
whatever leaves his mouth,
he shall call his own,
with a blink of an eye
he could establish his throne.
But deep inside of him,
his only true desire is,
to have a family that is not shattered,
and with no hatred towards each other
But one christmas eve,
instead of opening presents,
he decides, to leave his house,
run down the rainy streets of his town,
into a huge building, where not a single light shines
up the stairs, into the room, where his grandmother resides.
A shooting star, shining so bright, over the first awoken alive,
seen by a girl
on the road,
she walks home with the spark of hope.
and when she wakes up, she decides
to make a change in the worlds course of life.
And she shall never back down on her word.
When we can see the shape of our hearts wings will let us move forward
There’s so much darkness in this world,
people living their lives,
sleepwalking until the end of their days
Trust me you can make a change,
just by doing simple deeds, that can change the world for others
next time you’re walking the streets,
smile at your enemies, and embrace the ones in need,
i promise you, it will carry you, to a state of mind,
if you’ll find the meaning of life.
We always walk among you with cloaks hiding our faces
we stand up for the weak and those who are lost
sit down and listen to our tales cause even the smallest spark can ignite a flame.