Interview with Jared Dines

With 1.2 million subscribers and more than 230 million views, Jared Dines is YouTube’s most successful metalhead. He is known for his ,,10 styles of…“ and ,,if … was metal“ videos. Moreover, he plays drums in a band called Rest, Repose. We asked him about the aims with his band, under what preconditions he would stop making videos and the first metal bands he listened to.

SL: Hey Jared, besides your YouTube channel you are playing drums in a band called Rest, Repose. What are your aims with this band?

Jared: We’re putting out an album soon which we are all excited about, and after that we will see what comes next! If we could at least go on some good tours and play some shows that would be amazing!

SL: When are you going to play drums upside down?

Jared: When we tour Australia!

SL: Would you stop making videos if you got successful as a musician?

Jared: I don’t think I would ever stop making videos. It really has become a passion for me. I love connecting with people that way. I think even if I were to be on the road touring all the time, I would still have my camera with me filming a lot of stuff.

SL: What’s your opinion on product placement on YouTube?

Jared: I think it’s awesome. It’s a great way for creators to make money. For me, I try to not do too many of them, and also only do products that I like and/or use. That way it’s genuine.

SL: Can you imagine to start reporting as a music reporter on your channel?

Jared: I’ve done some interview type stuff before, it is fun but I think my heart is in creating skits and music/parody videos.

SL: Which newcomer bands are you listening to right now?

Jared: I’ve actually been listening to a lot of early 2000’s rock lately. I don’t know why, I go through music swings. Some good local bands around me are For The Likes of You, Into The Flood, and Avoid The Void.

SL: Which was the first metal band you ever listened to?

Jared: Probably would have been either Dio, Black Sabbath, or Van Halen (if you consider them metal). Then from there it went to bands like As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Norma Jean, etc..

SL: Can you imagine still producing YouTube videos in 20 years when you are 44 years old?

Jared: Hopefully by then I will have moved on to bigger and better things haha! Who knows though, 20 years is a long time to do the same thing day after day.

SL: Thanks for the interview!